Other Stands

S/OS 1

Guest List Stand 1


S/OS 2

Guest List Stand 2

Notice Board
90cm x 1.5m
  Height 1.17m

S/OS 4

Guest list stand 3


S/OS 5

Guest list stand 4

Board 72 x 50cm
Height 1.70cm
  White Gate List Stand
Height: 170cm
Notice Board
44 x 50 cm

S/OS 6

Guest list stand 5


S/OS 7

Bronze Rose Cake Stand

Guest List Easel
Height: 125
Adjustable Brackets
  3 Tier
Height: 70cm

S/OS 8

Cake Stand


S/OS 9

Jenny Cake Stand

Three layer
Height 55cm
  Three Layer

S/OS 10

Pew Holder


S/OS 11

Eiffel Tower

Height 30cm
  for theme parties

S/OS 12

Hurricane Garden Lamp


S/OS 13

Partition Poles

Floor Model with Foot Piece
Fork Model for Garden
Height 110cm
  Height 1m

S/OS 14

Jamaican Bowl


S/OS 15

Bamboo Torch & Stand

Height 30cm
Height 1.5cm

S/OS 16

Tuscan Metal Vase

Height 50cm
Fits on Imke stand and Pillars
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